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New Rules, Same Beauty: Guidelines and reminders with the newly opened Boracay Island

The world’s most beautiful beach is back — refreshed and rejuvenated from its 6-month rehabilitation. Boracay Island needed the break or else we would have probably lost it forever. There are definitely improvements but while the reopening was already last October 2018, some construction and repairs are still on-going.

A lot of you may still have doubts on whether you go or just skip it, what to do, what the new rules are. So here’s a rundown of guidelines and reminders and what to expect with the newly reopened Boracay:

The White Beach is still the gorgeous eye-candy that it is

There is no doubt the 3-kilometer stretch of blindingly, powdery white sand is one of the best beaches in the world. It just is beyond compare. And with the breathing room it got for half a year, it definitely took its time to rejuvenate and become more beautiful as ever. The waters are clear as glass. The layers of blue is fifty shades and more. Pure beauty.

Puka Beach is clear and back to its serene state

An escape from White Beach and its crowds, Puka Beach used to be a peaceful spot. But it become a tourist favorite and many stalls and stores lined up its shores to cater to the growing crowd. Now it’s back to its clear and serene state — new palm trees planted on one side, only one stall selling drinks on the far left end, and just pure golden shores and blue and (sometimes) raging waves waiting for you.

Only accredited hotels are allowed for bookings — and you need to show reservations

In an effort to control the mad number of tourists going to Boracay, the government implemented a new rule of having a hotel booking reserved before you can enter the island. So make sure to check this updated list of accredited hotels and accommodations so you won’t run into any problem upon arrival.


And this we can’t stress enough. The reason why Boracay crossed a deteriorating state was because of the amount of abuse it got from tourists over the years — in the form of trash and littering. Anyone who will be caught littering, smoking, and drinking on the beach will be penalized. Let’s all be responsible and vigilant visitors of Boracay or else this piece of paradise will just be all a memory.


Leave the hardcore partying somewhere else. Huge beachfront parties and music festivals (especihad its time in Boracay. Now let’s go back to listening to waves crashing against the shore and enjoying the chill vibe Boracay has to offer.

The prices have gone relatively higher

Most hotels, hostels, and restaurants have amped up their rates and prices — understandably given they have to recover from the 6-month closure. So be prepared for this. But it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it anymore. We’re talking about 50-peso rum pineapples from local bars, affordable meals from small eateries, and free sunbathing on the shore.

Pack a little more patience than you usually do

The road construction and repairs are still on-going. So be patient because you might get stalled for a few minutes on the road, have to deal with dust and mud, and experience occasional brownouts. But it will be all worth it!

Boracay sunsets are still jaw-dropping

Enough said. Enjoy!

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