Welcome to Z Hostel – where everything is good vibes and good vibes is everything. Z is more than just a dwelling space. It is a feeling. A state. And a lifestyle. From comfortable fixtures and fittings, communal spaces for travelers and locals to meet, and in-house and outdoor events, Z hostel brings together like-minded individuals who share the same passion for feeling right and feeling good.

Our aim is to take this emotion, this state, and this lifestyle of good vibes with you as you step out of our hostel, enter new territories, and meet more faces on the road. You are worry-free, you are good-vibes only, you are Z.

Hostel Experience


I stayed in Z Hostel for two nights on April 2016. Z has private rooms, an all-female dorm, and a mixed dorm. I stayed in the mixed dorm on the second floor. Overall, it was a good experience. It’s been a while since my last stay in a dorm, so there was some necessary re-acquainting that needed to be done. For anyone checking in to the dorms, expect what it’s like to live with other people. There’s so much tolerance needed as you don’t know the preferences, habits, and hygiene of each of your roommates.

The advantages of staying at Z Hostel:
1) It’s a good run for your money. It’s comfort in the middle of a bustling city, good place to get some rest before your next trip outside of the metro. Also, breakfast is included in the rates, so it’s win-win.
2) The atmosphere is modern, unlike other dorms and hostels around Manila where the rooms are cramped, and dark, and smell of molds. The dorms have shared toilet and bath which gets daily cleaning by the staff.
3) They have a cafe that’s open 24/7, so anytime you get a grumbling stomach, go down to the first floor and get something cooked for yourself. Or go up and head to the bar, meet people.
4) It’s great for socialization. Aside from the bar, the whole setup is good for meeting people, both local and foreign travelers. Besides the casual hi-hellos in the room, you can spend time at the reception areas playing Jenga and board games. And again, there’s the bar on the rooftop.
5) It’s a strategic location. Around the vicinity, you have easy access to Burgos and a number of restaurants and establishments. During my stay, I tried the food at El Chupacabra (Mexican restaurant) which is a few steps away from the hostel.

My stay would have been perfect if the guy in my room did not own the air conditioner. I think he didn’t want the temp colder because he’s right in front of the aircon, while I sweat on the other end of the room. And then my towel disappeared after my day-trip somewhere. Well, the quirks of living in a dorm.

Will I go back to Z? Definitely. As a traveler and backpacker, I highly recommend the place.

Aris Mape

“Z hostel is not just a hostel. Every detail inside the bullilding shows how the project has been developed with care and accuracy. The rooms are comfortable and meant to be practical but without ignoring design and beauty. Not to mention the quality of the staff. Last but not least: it’s in Makati, the place to be in Manila.”


“Among my many hostel experiences, Z hostel has been the most impressive. It’s newly opened so the facilities are very clean. The rooms are spacious, designed efficiently for your traveler needs (ex. having a usb plug so as not to worry about bringing so much adapters and having a plug inside the bag lockers so you can charge your gadgets without worrying it might get stolen). The place itself is very stylish without compromising comfort. It’s also a good place to meet locals and other travelers as they have events on the rooftop lounge. You can enjoy a nice view of Makati City while having a beer or two with new people. The location is very good, walking distance from a lot of restaurants, bars, and a big mall. Sophisticated yet affordable, Z hostel is the place for you in Manila!”

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