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Amazing music, bright lights, and tequila shots: Z Street’s Cinco De Mayo Beach Party

The heartbeat of Makati that is Poblacion just became brighter and more colorful last May 5, 2017 as Z Hostel gathered its neighbors for Cinco De Mayo Beach Party in the now hotspot Z Street!

From vibrant banderitas and street lights to amazing performances by local and international acts, the party quickly turned first Friday into a night of music, food, and revelry. Travelers and locals alike were treated to pumping beats and soulful tunes by The Hernandez Bros and Mia Fernandez while basking in the city skyline up in the Z Roof Deck. The Z team and staff definitely came in style — beach hats, garlands, and floral shirts.

The building that houses the concept restaurants Wild Poppy, Alamat, Smokeyard, and Bucky’s were overflowing with guests enjoying great food, popping booze, and amazing music by Saxybeast.

Just right across Z Hostel, a building garage was opened and became Merkanto St. for a night where food stalls kept everyone’s tummies happy for a long night of celebration.

And a few steps away, Z Hostel staff and friends feasted over crispy and juicy lechon at the beautifully nostalgic Ruins.

At the other side of Z is Costa Rican reggae lounge Pura Vida where everything spelled B-E-A-C-H.

Beers were popping left and right. The place was jampacked and very much alive, especially when Reggae Mistress and Takashi started playing reggae favorites and dancehall classics.

It was indeed a long but fun night filled with good food, great friends, and amazing music. If Cinco De Mayo was telling of the many more amazing events at Z Street, then we’re more than excited. Bring in the tequila mi amigos!

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