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Be a Responsible Traveler with these Eco-friendly Travel Essentials and Tips

Wanderlust: a fascination to see breathtaking landscapes and experience the world’s awesome beauty with fresh eyes. But if we open our eyes wider and take a closer look at our world right now, it is in great danger. Mostly because of our actions. As you embark on your journey of a lifetime, take these earth-friendly products and reminders with you and be a responsible traveler: 

Save the sand: beach-friendly blanket

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Did you know, on an average, we take away almost three handfuls of sand every time? We rinse them, they go down the drain, and they’re never gonna find their way back to our gorgeous shores. Thanks to Lagu, the world’s first beach-friendly mat that uses a unique linen blend that repels sand, you can now enjoy the beach without taking away sand with you.

For the sun-worshippers: ocean-friendly sunscreen and organic tanning oil 

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Save your skin from damage while saving the beautiful but fragile coral reefs, too! Certain ingredients from commercial sunscreens like parabens, benzophenone, oxybenzone, and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor have been confirmed to cause coral bleaching. Opt to use reef-friendly sunscreens like Human Nature SafeProtect SPF30 Sunscreen which is made will an all-natural formulation.

While you’re at it, use organic products in the beach. Stuff by Serena has a coconut-based, coffee-infused tanning oil that is 100% natural and biodegradable and locally produced.

Reusable everything: Bamboo/Metal Straws, Shopping Bags, and Water Bottles

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We might not notice it but the little things we buy and use while on the road can greatly affect the environment and the community when combined. You’ve seen that hurtful video of a plastic straw plucked out of a turtle’s blooded nostril. And honestly, your rum-coke will still taste the same. Ditch the plastic straw entirely or carry with you a reusable metal or bamboo straw (check out Yugto Eco Solutions). A lightweight eco-bag won’t exceed your baggage limit — make sure to have one in your backpack and use it when you buy food items, shop for souvenirs, or place your clothes for laundry.

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Most hostels, hotels, and restaurants offer free, clean water. Skip the plastic bottles and carry a reusable water bottle and just refill every time. Saves you money, saves the environment!

Burn calories, not fossil fuels

Walk to the food market nearby, bike through the rice fields, and climb your way to the temples. As much as you can, use fuel transportation sparingly and move your body! If you can opt to use ferry instead of a plane to go to your next destination, that would be a better choice, too!

Support those who support the environment

A lot of hotels and establishments have started to go green: they use natural light and energy, recycle waste, and treat and reuse water. Stay with them, support their in-house or community-based initiatives, and recommend to friends!

Leave no trash behind

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Don’t flick your cigarette butt on the beach, pick up bag of chips, beer cans, and whatever plastic trash you see and dispose them properly. These are really, really simple ways to help but could definitely go a long way. As the saying goes, “take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.” Happy responsible traveling!

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