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Crying Tiger Street Kitchen: A Thai Delight in Makati

Adding to the multi-cultural vibe the streets of Poblacion in Makati is getting known for is another unpretentious and simple hole-in-the-wall restaurant, The Crying Tiger Street Kitchen. While a number of restos in the area serve Mexican and Western flavors, this one cooks up our delicious Thai favorites.

Although located along Guanzon Street in Makati and just across A-Venue Mall, it takes a good eye for hip design to spot The Crying Tiger. It just blends right in the neighborhood. It’s not fancy but it’s nowhere near shabby as well. Cement walls are accentuated by a pop of bright-colored paint, a variety of lamps give warmth to the place, and the simple wooden tables and colorful steel chairs make the place so inviting without any intimidation. The place definitely reminds you of the small, charming open-type cafes and restaurants in the street corners of Chiang Mai.

It isn’t surprising to know the same people behind the well-loved restaurants in the same area namely El Chupacabra and Señor Pollo are also the masterminds of this Thai delight. It has the same homey but cool feel to it, the same kind of mystery that draws you in. The crowd is also a good mix of foreign backpackers and neighborhood locals and young professionals.

While it took awhile for the food to come, it did not disappoint in taste. The classic favorite Pad Thai (P225) glistened and looked very generous in serving. It also tasted as good as it looked, every strand of the glass noodles and the mung bean sprouts were packed with just the right sweet and salty flavors. Pad See Ew (P225), while it looked rather pale and unappetizing, was also a winner in taste. The Char Siu Pork Rice (P225) is also a treat to the tastebuds, especially with its spicy kick. Down some Thai Iced Tea and you’re solved! Overall, they could do much better in presentation though.

If you’re looking to satisfy your Thai food cravings or just want to take a break from the tacos and barbecues then make sure to give The Crying Tiger a stop when in Makati. With a few improvements in place, a dinner out at The Crying Tiger will definitely be a tears-of-joy kind of experience.

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