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The Book Stop Project: A Must-Visit Pop-Up Library in Manila

Travel is undoubtedly one of the best ways to learn about the world. But one thing has always brought us to worlds unknown and interesting characters without having to leave: books.

In this day and age of eBooks and Kindle, it may seem like they are already out of place. But nothing still beats that earthy smell when leafing through a novel. Nothing still beats feeling like opening doors and entering dimensions with your own fingers. Thanks to the book-loving people behind WTA Architecture and Design Studio, a mobile pop-up library has been making rounds in some of Manila’s most picturesque and historic locations.

The Book Stop Project is definitely becoming a hot spot for the bookworms and the plain curious ones. In the middle of a park, in front of a beautiful cathedral, is a steel shed that houses a collection of pre-loved books and some wooden benches for a delightful reading time and interaction with fellow readers. More than a bit-sized library, it is a portal of learning where people from all walks of life can enter, pick up and read a book, and exchange ideas with each other.

And the best part? Knowledge-sharing built upon honesty. This mobile library encourages exchange of books, with not one attendant or registration counter around. You get one, you leave one. If you don’t have anything to leave, just make sure to return what you borrowed. And if you have more books to share, much better. The idea is to reinvigorate the public’s interest in books, in libraries, in sharing and interaction in a contemporary setting. As their motto espouses, The Book Stop Project aims at “sharing ideas one book at a time.”

The Book Stop Project made its first stop in Ayala Triangle Gardens, a lush green space in the middle of the urban jungle that is Makati City. It then traveled to Plaza Roma, Intramuros, just right in front of the iconic Manila Cathedral. It is now currently in front of another architectural gem, the San Sebastian Basilica, being the only prefabricated steel church in the world.

A visit to The Book Stop Project is definitely a win-win situation. You get to read a book and share ideas with a breathtaking basilica as a backdrop. So while you are in Manila, definitely make this one of your city tour stops!

Visit The Book Stop PH for exact location and latest announcements of The Book Stop Project.

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  1. I would like to donate a lot of books. How do I go about it in times like this of COVID? Do you pick-up?

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