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Ultimate Traveler’s Guide On How to Ride a Jeepney

One of the most popular means of transportation in the Philippines, these colorful 8-16 seater Jeepneys (or Jeeps) can be found in almost any major road all around the country. Made from the leftover military jeeps from the US Army after World War II, these repurposed vehicles steadily grew popular as the Filipino’s choice of public transport. Nowadays, you can find them in almost any part of the country you head to.

Z Hostel brings you a new travel guides series for how to commute around the Philippines using a Jeepney, the National Vehicle. We’ll give you the local’s advice and travel secrets on all forms of public transit available to you (and where to find them!). In this article, you’ll find out all the details on how to ride, rates, and more in this complete traveler’s guide on how to ride a jeep.

How to Know which Jeepney to Take

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to get around the cities in the Philippines, there’s no better way to commute but through these colorfully decorated Philippine transit vehicles that you can find just about anywhere you go! Ranging from the minimum fare rate of Php 7.00 – 25.00 (the rate measured by the kilometer), jumping into a jeepney or jeep can be your most affordable, convenient way to get from point A to point B. The main thing you should keep in mind when using this way of commuting is to know the average fare rate you’re expected to pay as well as the transit routes of what jeepney you should ride.

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Other than their colorfully designed exterior, jeepneys often have placards hung up in their front windshields telling you the general direction the particular PUV (Public Utility Vehicle) is headed. The route is also indicated on the side of the jeepney. For example: From Z Hostel, which is near Makati Avenue, the nearest jeep that you can ride is along Buendia Avenue. The two transit routes that they offer is through Sen. Gil Puyat LRT Station to Guadalupe. So if you’re heading to any point between these places, you can definitely hop on a jeep that points to where you want to go and get there in no time.

Take note of the routes and where you should get off! If you are not sure, just ask the driver, if that is the right jeepney to take to go to the place, if it is possible to tell you when you have reached your destination, among other things. Don’t worry, most Filipinos do know how to communicate in English.

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As long as you take the time to know the directions of where you’re headed to and remember to ask not only the driver but also the commuters around you, there’s no reason for you to get lost riding this ingenious means of local transport. One of the great things about the Philippines is that you can always find a kind person who’ll point you to the right direction. So don’t hesitate in voicing out your concern to your nearest friendly face!

Jeepney Ride Tips

Jeepneys maybe hailed to stop nearly anywhere along a street. There are some that have designated stops and and there are terminals. It is possible when you know what transit route to go to a jeepney terminal. These usually have a long line of them parked in a row with different signs displaying their routes and have “barkers” or “callers” who shout out the PUJ’s destination and urge commuters into the vehicle. You can always go up to them and inquire if you don’t see the particular place you need to get to on any of the signs. You can also find out how much it costs for you to get there. The usual rates for jeepneys can differ depending on where you are and how far you have to go.

The safest bet when it comes to knowing the rates is making sure that you don’t get overcharged. You can do this by asking the jeepney driver, your fellow commuters, or by checking the standard rates.

The last and most important tip when riding almost any commercial transit is to be always cautious of your belongings. Although this form of transportation is the most common means especially in urban areas, there still isn’t a guarantee in terms of safety. Be cautious on how much and where you keep your money and avoid taking out your gadgets/phones when on the road since the windows and doors of most jeepneys are open.

So there you have it! A complete guide on all the information you need to know before hopping into a jeepney.

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