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Where to go running in Manila

Lounging by the pool, sipping cocktails and downing shots, visiting temples and climbing rooftops — this definitely sound like a recipe for a great vacation. But if you’re the kind of traveler who still wants to keep up the healthy pace even on the road, running is the best way to do that. Burn calories but gain amazing sights wherever you maybe! In Manila, here are the best places for you to go running and sightseeing at the same time: 

Ayala Triangle Gardens (Makati)

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Right smack at the heart of Makati business district and the bustling Ayala Avenue, Ayala Triangle Gardens acts as a refuge, a breathing space for urban dwellers and workers who want to take a quick break from the concrete world. Its lush foliage and pockets of flower gardens are soothing to the weary eyes and the tired soul. There’s a strip of restaurants and cafes to fuel up or cool down after a jog around, which could be one of your most dynamic and interesting runs given the hustle and bustle, the beautiful art installations, and the interesting characters you’ll bump into.

PhilSports Complex (Pasig) 

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It’s a national sports complex and a favorite training ground for both professional athletes and casual runners. You won’t notice it’s right in the middle of another business district in Manila called Ortigas — once you step inside the gates (there’s an entrance fee but very minimal), it feels very quiet and really conducive to get into the zone.

Circuit (Makati)


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This lifestyle and entertainment complex is relatively new in the business district of Makati and a bit farther from the cramped urban jungle — which is great news! There’s still a lot of space and it does not get too crowded even on peak hours. It has grassy grounds that occasionally holds concerts and events but when empty provides the perfect spot to stretch and warm up. Most joggers run around the open field where football and Frisbee action happens so you also really feel the push while doing your own thing!

Capitol Commons (Ortigas)

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If you want to tick off many things and sights in one trip, this place is ideal. This mix-use development features high-rise condos, a mall, and a strip of restaurants that makes up for an interesting and far-from-boring jog time. The oval track where most runners go is relatively small but it’s still ideal for sprints and drill activities.

Quezon Memorial Circle (Quezon City)

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Don’t be surprised to see families enjoying a hearty lunch picnic, lovers on a date, or a group of women doing aerobics — this park has become a staple relaxing and activity ground for many especially those living in the northern part of Manila. With a perimeter of almost 2 kilometers, the running track is a favorite place of runners and health buffs. The “Circle,” as this is famously called, also has a bicycle track and a children’s playground.

*Featured image credit: www.circuitmakati.com

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