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Z Hostel: Your Safe Place, Always

Hello wonderful humans of Z!

We hope you are holding up well. The past months have been nothing short of shocking, challenging, and uncertain. We were just chugging down May Forevers and jamming to chill music on the Roof Deck not long ago, weren’t we? While we missed seeing all of you stroll down the streets of Poblacion thinking where to go next at 2AM, we all needed to do what’s best for everyone: stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

A handful of guests got stranded at Z Hostel, and we also welcomed locals who needed a place to stay near work over the last two months. As safety is one of our key priorities at Z, our hardworking staff have been going the extra mile to make sure everyone staying with us is safe and sound. 

We’ve ramped up our sanitation and housekeeping services by cleaning the lobby, elevator, cafe, game room, and roof deck multiple times during the day.

Each guest coming in is checked with temperature scanners and must sanitize upon entering our doors. Their rooms are also being cleaned weekly, while linens are washed up with laundry soap and sodium hypochlorite and dried at maximum heat. 

Social distancing is strictly followed in the lobby and front desk, as well as inside the elevator. We have also put up an information board with important announcements relating to COVID-19 and reminders for guests to stay physically healthy and mentally well.

Our staff are provided with proper equipment and sanitary tools to make sure they are able to perform their tasks effectively while, most importantly, keeping them safe. All of them have recently undergone COVID testing, too, and have all tested negative.

Z Hostel has always been about fostering meaningful connections and giving each one a great, fun time. But while we had to be physically apart, the DJ deck empty, and the nights silent, Z will remain your safe place, as always. 

We can’t wait to see all of you again! So be safe and healthy because when that time comes, it is going to be one hell of a party!

Tight virtual hugs,

Your Z Hostel Team


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