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Manila For Boracay: A Movement for Boracay’s Locals and Employees

The world’s best island, the most beautiful beach, a paradise on earth — is officially closed for now.  Boracay Island is under rehabilitation for six months to give way for its healing from degrading effects of mass tourism in the last years. And as this is good news for the environment, the locals and residents are facing the challenge of losing job opportunities and means of livelihood, which are mostly heavily dependent on tourism.

It is with this in mind that Z Hostel and other concerned individuals have gathered and created Manila for Boracay, a movement to provide opportunities for Boracay locals, residents, and employees as well as aid establishments and organizations in movement of their goods here in Manila and the rest of the Philippines. Read the entire statement below:

This movement acts as a platform for the following activities, at no cost:

  • If you are an establishment here in Manila or any part of the Philippines and would need people for your team, you can send us your available job positions and we will post them in our website
  • If you are a Boracay local, resident, or employee looking for job opportunities while Boracay is closed, send us your resume and we will do our best to match this with a job opening
  • If you are a Boracay establishment who has perishable goods and other stocks you want to sell so they will not go to waste, send us a list and we will open them to possible buyers here in Manila or other parts of the Philippines
  • If you are a Boracay artist, performer, or establishment who want to join events in Manila to keep the spirit of Boracay alive, send us a message and we will see any possible event where we could invite you.

Manila for Boracay is willing to hear you out. Let us how we can help you in any way.

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