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Perfect gift ideas for people who love to travel

It’s the season of giving! But travel is forever. So whether you’ve been scouting for the perfect Christmas presents or just need ideas all year round, here are the best gifts you can give for your travel buddies, wanderlust-loving loved ones, or even for yourself:

Adventure Vulture

Insulated Water Bottles

Photo credit: Instagram user @myvesxel

Hydration is key for those who are always on the road. And the best part would be keeping your drinks cold or your coffee hot for a long time the whole day! Plus, you avoid having to buy disposable water bottles and coffee cups all the time.

Microfiber Towel

Photo credit: Instagram user @aquazorbph

Soft and lightweight, absorbs water easily, and dries very quickly — a microfiber towel is a must for the active traveler.

Digital Luggage Scale

Photo credit: Instagram user @andrewjamesuk

For those who like to skip long lines waiting for luggage and avoid excess baggage fees, a digital luggage scale will always keep the adventurer in check!

Easy, Breezy

Beach Mat

Photo credit: Instagram user @lifeonthesands

For the sun worshippers, tanning session on the beach or just lazing around during tropical afternoons are a must and a trusty beach mat is the ultimate BFF. Make it a sand-repellant one so you can help save the beaches, too!

Tropical Shirts

Photo credit: Instagram user @lawudlife

They’re not just shirts you take to the beach, they also guarantee you bring the beach vibe from shore to city or wherever destination you may be!

Hand bags

Photo credit: Instagram user @pedritamnl

Carry around travel essentials in style with hand bags made from sustainable, organic material.

Memory Junkie

Scratch Map

Photo credit: Instagram user @reluxshop_com

Oh the joy of ticking places off bucket lists and reminiscing wonderful memories! Scratching them off a map is on another level of excitement though!

Power Bank

Photo credit: Instagram user @thetentcommandments

We’re told to soak in the moment when traveling. But you also don’t want to get caught with empty batteries when those dolphins are dancing beside your boat or finding your friends in the middle of busy Tokyo!

Universal Travel Adapter

Photo credit: Instagram user @searchingc

One of the most overlooked yet very essential item when traveling. This is the perfect gift especially for those who like crossing countries and continents! Plug away!

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