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Why you should not skip Port Barton in Palawan

When thinking about idyllic beach and island destinations in the Philippines, the usual list will definitely include Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, Siargao, and Palawan. And talking about the most latter, it’s always Puerto Princesa, Coron, and El Nido that doesn’t leave the bucketlist. But what if we tell you there’s one Palawan spot you’re probably missing out and that you shouldn’t? Welcome to Port Barton.

Photo by Instagram user @ardnaxela.wolf

Although not that known to many travelers yet, Port Barton has become a favorite stop for the few who have extra time and curiosity in their hands. Everything in this little coastal village spells C-H-I-L-L. Imagine a town dotted with little huts and simple houses and lined with tall palms and fishermen boats.

Photo by Instagram user @nabmen

The village is roughly about 2-3 hours north of Puerto Princesa. Because infrastructure is not fully developed, getting there and around is still a challenge for the tourists whose main criterion is comfort. But for those who like to rough it, Port Barton is more than worth it. There are a few islands nearby the village that round up your stopover: Cagnipa Island, Paradise Island, Inaledelan, and German Island. These offer immaculate white sand, cerulean waters, and rich marine life ideal for snorkeling.

Photo by Instagram user @virg_claerhout

The best thing about Port Barton is it still remains sleepy: no big developments, no luxury restaurants, and no mass tourists like the ones you see in the more famous Philippine tourist spots. Also, the small establishments like bungalows and eateries are owned by locals.  And we hope it remains the same way — it’s the total local experience you want to get being in this slice of paradise.

A gentle reminder to always be a responsible and conscious tourist in any of the places you visit here in the country, especially the beaches, islands, and mountains. They are home both to the locals and the wildlife that inhabit them. 

Featured Photo by Instagram user @portbartonlife

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